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Veterinarians applying to take the ACVPM exam need an active Diplomate to sponsor and support them through the process. Roles and responsibilities described below. Sponsoring typically takes 1-2 hours during the application process. Providing additional support to the candidate during their study process and welcoming them to the College is encouraged and appreciated! 

Sponsor Role

  • Assist the candidate during the application process,
  • Ensure the application is accurate and complete,
  • Answer or find answers to: candidate questions regarding the application materials, application timelines, maintaining their online profile,
  • Ensure an awareness of the resources available to candidates to successfully complete the board exam, and
  • Foster an awareness of a Diplomate‚Äôs responsibilities, i.e., annual dues payment, opportunities to participate on committees, voting, college bylaws, webinars, maintenance of certification requirements, etc.

Sponsor Responsibilities

  1. Maintain active membership in ACVPM (Diplomate or Emeritus Member).
  2.  Be an information source for the candidate on ACVPM policies, procedures, etc.
  3.  Review and be familiar with Article VIII of the ACVPM Constitution and Bylaws regarding certification.
  4.  Exchange contact information so communication occurs throughout the application process.
  5.  Assist the candidate with completing the application.
    NOTE: The sponsor is not required to serve as a reference but may do so.
  6.  Review the application to ensure the candidate provides clear and complete responses that address the information requested.
  7.  Contact the Credentials Committee or the EVP to clarify any questions on the application forms or the process.
  8.  Approve the candidate's application using the online Sponsor Form, if the sponsor is willing to attest to the candidate's good moral character and qualifications to take the certification exam.

If you are interested in serving as a Sponsor, please login and "edit" your profile:

  • In the Sponsor field (bottom of profile page):
    • Select Yes if you want be a Sponsor
    • Select No if you do not. 
  • Exam candidates will search for sponsors. 
    • Answering Yes will make your name available to the candidate. 
    • Answering No will hide your name from the candidate.

Please contact Dr. Tom Berg, EVP at evp@acvpm.org for more information.


Last reviewed September 18, 2019