Profile and Dues
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How to pay your 2020 ACVPM membership dues and update your member profile (click here to download a copy of these directions)

1. Sign in to the website. 

2. Select the “My Profile” link at the top of the home page (this puts you into the “edit” mode on your profile).

3. For dues payments:

a.Select the “Payments & History” tab on the left side of your profile.

b.Select the “Dues” tab and “Filter by status” drop down list to Open

c.Select the “Pay This Invoice” icon, complete credit card information, and submit your payment.

d.After your payment is processed, you can print a copy of your invoice from the "Payments & History" tab and the "Closed" option from the "Filter by status" drop down box.

4. For profile updates:

a. Select the “Profile” tab

b. Edit your Account Information and Diplomate Profile areas.

c. Please select “Active” for your Diplomate Status and complete the “Year Certified” field.

d. If you are certified in the Epidemiology Specialty, select "Yes" and complete the "Year Certified" field.

e. Select “Save Changes”

5. You can return to the Home Page by selecting the ACVPM logo in the upper left of the page or Home from the “Quick Links” menu on the profile page.