2021 ACVPM Examination Application Portal
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Applying for the ACVPM Webinar - The ACVPM application process is reviewed during this informative and interactive 67-minute webinar. Learn from the Credentials Committee, who is responsible for reviewing all applications and determining eligibility to take the board certification exam, how to be successful in completing the application form. Hear some tips and advice from the College leadership who successfully sponsor candidates each year. Q & A from participants on the live webinar are included at the end of the presentation (48 minutes).    




ACVPM Board Examination Application Timeline


Applying for the ACVPM Board Examination is a five-step process. An Applicant must perform the following steps IN ORDER to successfully complete the application process. 



Step 1 - Applicant Registers for ACVPM Account:

  • The Applicant establishes ACVPM website log-in credentials and completes an ACVPM Applicant Profile.
  • Go to ACVPM.org, click on the ACVPM logo in the upper left corner, and click "Click Here to Register" at the bottom of the page. You may also click HERE.
  • Once approved, the Applicant will receive a welcome email instructing them to log in to complete the next step. Note: This is an automated email, which means that it is susceptible to going to a user’s spam/junk folder. Applicants should look in their spam/junk folder before reporting that they did not receive the email. Applicants should also consider using an email address other than .gov, .edu, or .mil as these have been known to send ACVPM email to spam or junk folders.   


Step 2 - Applicant Downloads and Ensures Completion of Required Forms: 

  • The welcome email described in Step 1 will contain links to the three forms described below.  There are detailed instructions included with each form.  
  • ACVPM Board Exam Application Form:  This form provides the information the Credentials Committee needs to determine if the applicant meets the requirements to take the board examination.  
  • ACVPM Board Exam Reference Form:  The Applicant must supply two completed and signed reference forms with their application.
  • ACVPM Sponsor Form:  The Applicant must supply this form to their identified Sponsor who will then complete and return the form to the Applicant. The signed Sponsor Form must be included in the completed application packet.
You may also find these forms HERE. The applicant must be signed into their ACVPM profile to access the forms. 


Step 3 - Sponsor Reviews and Approves Complete Application:

  • The Sponsor reviews all completed application forms and required documents for accuracy and completeness then completes the sponsor form. The Sponsor must sign the form in ink or digitally. 
  • The Sponsor provides the completed and signed Sponsor Form to the Applicant for inclusion in the application packet.  


Step 4 - Applicant Submits the Application:

  • The Applicant uses the online application submission portal below to submit the complete application form and supporting documents.  The ability to upload the application will not be active until 1 August 2020.  
  • The application submission window is only open from 1 August through 31 August 2020. The submission portal will close at midnight, 31 August 2020 and no applications may be submitted after this. 
  • Applications that do not meet the format requirement described in the application instructions will NOT be forwarded to the Credentials Committee for review.

Step 5- Applicant Pays Application Fee:

  • After submission, the Applicant will receive notification that their application has met the requirements for review. Once this notification is received, an invoice for the $625 application fee will be added to the Applicant's ACVPM profile.
  • The payment invoice is in the "Payments and History" section on the profile in the "Store & Events" tab. The invoice can be paid on-line or by check.
  • Although payment of the application fee is not required prior to the submission deadline of 31 August 2020, the application will NOT be forwarded to the Credentials Committee for review until the fee has been paid.


 You must be signed into your ACVPM profile to submit the application.