2020 ACVPM Examination Cancellation


On 7 July, the ACVPM Exam Committee and Executive Board met to discuss the status of the 2020 ACVPM Exam. Given the continuing challenges surrounding COVID-19 and prioritizing the health of our candidates and examiners, the group decided to cancel the 2020 ACVPM exam for both in person and remote testing. This decision was not made lightly and there is profound disappointment amongst the ACVPM leadership. This is a unique situation for the ACVPM but not unique amongst other veterinary specialties as many have canceled all or portions of their 2020 board certification exam.  

Where does this leave you, our 2020 candidate? The Executive Board has approved the following: 

  • All candidates will automatically be deferred to 2021 with no loss in remaining years of eligibility or assessment of a deferral fee. Current candidates do NOT need to reapply for the 2021 examination unless seeking a refund.  
  • No additional application fee will be assessed to take the 2021 exam (the exam application fee increased to $625 for the 2021 exam).
  • First-time test takers who wish to completely withdraw from the 2021 and future exams may request a refund of 75% of their application fee ($412.50). The deadline for requesting a refund is 31 August 2020. To request a refund, please complete the form found HERENote: Candidates choosing to withdraw and receive a refund will lose their current eligibility status and must reapply and pay any associated fee(s) to take a future exam.
    • The exam candidacy withdrawal and subsequent refund applies only to first-time test takers and does not apply to candidates needing to retake one or both portions of the exam.

The ACVPM is based on preventive medicine and wishes we could prevent the disappointment and frustration this message may bring. We are here to support you and look forward to working with you over the coming months leading up to the 2021 exam. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at admin@acvpm.org.